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Welcome to Opticsense®

Edge Video Analytics

It’s not important what you see, but how well you see? Extraction of data from the video, detailing, understanding, analysis and actioning is what we do with a camera.

Video Analytics

Welcome to Safepro

We’re home to disruptive technology in vision systems enabling cameras to be an autonomous preventive tool, decision support system, life saving device, analytical tool and much more. Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive surveillance, robotics, neural compute engines, IoT and embedded systems are something we have been doing for over a decade with products catering to varied sectors and an exhaustive customer base across Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

It’s not the Video,

but the Data in the Video

Welcome to Safepro Opticsense edge video analytics. Explore our vast range of products in our video analytics portfolio to suit varies industries and sectors ranging from Governments to large industries, small & medium industries, retail stores and shopping malls, public transport, airports, smart cities and private residences.

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